Our Work

Company and Commercial

  • Formation (see RHCS)
  • Shareholders Agreement
  • Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Buy outs and buy ins
  • Contracts
  • Employment issues

James Davis


Contact Walton Eddlestone, James Davis or to discuss any aspect of Company and Commercial law.

We provide a specialised but personal service to our corporate Clients. We recognise that many problems occur day-to-day and require immediate attention, whether these relate to potential contractual disputes, employment issues or the legal consequences of a commercial decision. We provide advice quickly and clearly.

Other problems may be more substantial, in which case we provide quality advice from experienced commercial lawyers.

Our Clients often grow with us and our aim is to understand the ethos of your business so that we can tailor our advice to your practical needs, whilst at all times ensuring you are comfortable with the level of charging.

The majority of our Clients are small to medium size businesses, privately owned or listed. Many are family run. We also work for a multinational list of Clients in specific areas and provide English law advice with in a worldwide context. We can also assist with international issues as we work closely with a number of respected firms worldwide.

We run our own business and know what is needed to help you grow yours. Whether
your problems be contractual or whether we can assist with mergers, acquisitions or restructurings, we will always aim to provide pro-active, commercial solutions.

Bellenden Public Relations Limited instructed Hamilton Downing Quinn over the complex issue of a merger between two companies one of which acted as a significant subcontractor of the other. They provided detailed answers to the issues we raised and demonstrated the patience and speed of work required to deliver a highly satisfactory conclusion from the new company which came out of the merger.

M G - Chief Executive